ttz bremerhaven=TTZ is a private non-profit organisation established in 1987 in Bremerhaven, Germany. It is an innovative provider of technology transfer services and conducts customer-oriented training, research and development. It has a multicultural and multidisciplinary staff of around 100 persons working at the Environmental Institute, the Food Technology and Bio Process Engineering Facilities, the Sensory Laboratory, and the Bakery and Cereal Technology Facilities. TTZ has a worldwide partner network and a broad experience in the development and implementation of projects financed by international organisations, e.g the EU and the UNDP, as well as by national or regional institutions. It is also a highly recognised R&D service provider for private companies, mainly SMEs from the region.

TTZ has coordinated and participated in the development, negotiation, implementation and management of more than 150 international projects, ranging from small and medium scale (with 6 to 10 partners) to large-scale projects (with more than 20 partners). The continued and successful participation of TTZ in different instruments of EU programmes for environment, research and development, gives it a sound project management experience. It participated, either coordinator or partner, in more than 40 CRAFT projects of the FP5 and in more than 50 projects of the FP6 (Collective and Cooperative Research projects, STREPs, Coordination and Specific Support Actions). It has also been involved in projects financed by the Asia Pro-Eco, Asia Invest, LIFE and Intelligent Energy for Europe programmes. The Environmental Institute, as TTZ´s branch expert in the fields of Integrated Water Treatment Technologies, Sustainable Land Use and Resource Management, Sustainable Energies and Energy Efficiency, will be responsible  this project.

In the field of solid waste management the Institute has coordinated projects such as PURATREAT, AGROBIOGAS, ECOSAN-Capacity and NETSSAF. In other related fields international projects such as CLEANSOIL, SUSTAINAQUA, WAFLA, NETBIOCOF, PROMEMBRANE, CYCLER-SUPPORT, LADAS, SLM-Bulgaria, INASOOP, WACOSYS, SOLARDIST, PROBIO and INAWAB. Besides the experience with partners from almost all EU-Member States and Associated countries, the Environmental Institute has co-operated with partners from regions such as Asia (including China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey), Latin America (including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and 14 countries more), Africa (including Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco) and Russia.