The first step to efficiently accomplish a project is to preliminarily define your objectives and goals. Water Biotech while defining its goals, divides them as well into general and specific, for better achievements.


 General objectives:    

  • To strengthen key stakeholders for the implementation of sustainable water management practices
  • To support the capacity of local authorities and decision makers to fulfill their role in the adoption of sound integrated water resources management solutions
  • To foster technology transfer, know-how and best practices from Europe to Africa and between African countries
  • To promote cost effective biotechnologies adapted to local conditions in the African targeted countries
  • To increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture
  • To enhance water treatment biotechnological methods that increase water availability in households
  • To promote innovations in wastewater management that increase annual irrigation water supplies


Specific objectives:

  • To collect and analyze relevant information in the targeted countries that is required for proper water management planning and decision-making
  • To assess potential low cost biotechnological methods and determine their feasibility for the targeted countries and regions
  • To select efficient biotechnological practices  adapted to specific targeted regions
  • To provide tools for the proper planning and implementation of adapted technologies
  • To build the capacities of relevant stakeholders for the implementation of adapted water treatment biotechnology
  • To disseminate main project results


1. Concept

3. Project summary and structure